About Pyare Pahadi

The motif of our stuff will remain Uttarakhand souvenirs: the natural beauty, amazing flora and fauna and history of Uttarakhand where every hill and dale echo stories of gods and legends from a thousand years… We will feature rare Pahadi heroes like Chipko Lady Gaura Devi, her followers, and Nain Singh, and Gabbar Singh…. And above all : the “wild” pyare pahadis (loveable mountain beings) An Outsider Artist , Shubhdarshini Singh has had exhibitions in Delhi & Bharat Bhawan Bhopal. She Produced&
Directed the series Ek Tha Rusty, based on Ruskin Bond‟s stories She offers little pieces of her art about Uttarakhand and the things that remind her of Ruskin Bond‟s words, her series and the Mussoorie she loves, as souvenirs of your visit. Due to the situation we could not collect wooden figures in Uttarakhand but we will soon get them meanwhile enjoy the Naga Tribal figures in wood specially brought from there, little paintings, and items from my collection of 50 years: the retro collection, and insect hotels.

Insect Hotel to install in your garden to attract all kinds of insects and realize their importance

We are also introducing an initiative to bring Outsider arts to Mussoorie: 

created by the untrained artist. As Dubuffet claimed, the „uncooked‟ nature of the art is what distinguishes it from other (more accepted) art forms. The uncooked nature of the art is what distinguishes it from more accepted art forms. He discovered the earliest forms of Outsider Art in psychiatric patients in Asylums, How people have struggled to classify this genre of art in which each artist moves outside the influence of not only society but also of each other… like other things, the works of Alois and Adolf Wolfli. And Basquiat.

By Pyare Pahadi we mean the animals and birds mostly and our endeavour will be to bring forward the
tourism potential in the natural beauty and the mountains of Devbhoomi. We hope we can soon bring
the amazing secret joys of Uttarakhand waiting to be discovered. Soon. Meanwhile lets just get started.

Shubhadarshini Singh +91 9810312765